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What’s more exciting than the Holidays?  To us…not much!  I know we’re not alone based on Christmas music blasting from car radios starting in early November.  (You know who you are!)  Christmas is a time of great joy while we celebrate with loved ones.  We eat every sweet...
Wall Colors – Designer Favorites

Paint colors.

The thought of these two seemingly innocent words have the capability to send shivers down our spines.  Who hasn’t stared blankly at their walls asking, “What color would make this room perfect?”  Perhaps we’ll spend countless hours in the paint department narrowing...
Current Design Trends – 2012

Grey & Yellow

We’ve ALL seen it.  Grey and yellow has exploded on the seen.  In fact, it’s been here for over 2 years and just keep growing in popularity.  It first started in the fashion industry and crept over to the home furnishings side of design.  It’s...