Monthly Archives: December 2012

Design Trend – Owl Décor
Owls pic  
Remember when ducks were all the rage?  Carved ducks, photographs, paintings, etc… you couldn’t go into a home without finding traces of this trend.  Over the last decade, the focus has moved on to include an even greater bird population.  Our feathered friends such as cardinals,... 						
Design Trend – Faux Bois
The style we’re about to look at is called “Faux Bois” which translates to mean “false wood” in French. Designers have always loved bringing the outdoors in and faux bois is a perfect way to do just that!  It adds a touch of rustic charm with its eye-catching pattern and often inspires the peaceful setting of...
Design Inspiration – Jaipur Rugs
It’s no surprise that Jaipur is currently full of drool-worthy items.  They’ve been one of my favorite brands for quite some time for a reason.  Their designs alone make me swoon!  I’d like to share with you my current favorites because I’m convinced your upcoming room design should consist of one of these beauties! But before...