Design Trend – Faux Bois

The style we’re about to look at is called “Faux Bois” which translates to mean “false wood” in French.

Designers have always loved bringing the outdoors in and faux bois is a perfect way to do just that!  It adds a touch of rustic charm with its eye-catching pattern and often inspires the peaceful setting of being outdoors.  We owe a debt of gratitude to French designer Joseph Monier for pioneering this look on a bridge back in the 1800’s.  His concrete creation resembled timbers and logs and was the first of its kind – quite genius!  Now we are eating up this trend like it’s self-service froyo.  Let’s take a peak at some options for adding this style phenomenon to your space:


A faux bois area rug is one powerful way to add this trend to your room.  The various designs show several interpretations of this look.

Click for Info: Rug A Rug B Rug C Rug D

Designer Liz tip:  Rugs “A” and “B” have a lot of bold character and would work best with solid tone furniture to give the room harmony.  Rugs “C” and “D” are basically monochromatic and read like a solid rug.  You can pair these with both patterned and solid furniture.


We love branch-like faux bois pieces!  The lamps and accent table require a double take to see if they’re made from sticks.  This style looks remarkable when mixed with anything from natural wood stained furniture to contemporary chrome pieces.

A: B: C:

Designer Liz Tip: Limit your faux bois furniture/lighting to one or two items in the space.  You don’t want these distinct pieces to lose their “uniqueness” by competing with other like objects in the same room.



We love textiles using this look!  Fabrics, leathers, and wall treatments showcase faux bois beautifully.  The subtle texture to the modern bed is an unexpected touch and the wallpaper adds a bit of rustic charm.

A: B:


Since design trends come and go, these small home accents are examples of how you can bring a hint of faux bois into your room affordably.  Your guests will oooh and ahhh when you serve up an appetizer on  this dishware – too cute!

A: B: C: D:


Faux bois is virtually everywhere, so how will you chose to get in on this trend?

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