Design Trend – Owl Décor

Owls pic


Remember when ducks were all the rage?  Carved ducks, photographs, paintings, etc… you couldn’t go into a home without finding traces of this trend.  Over the last decade, the focus has moved on to include an even greater bird population.  Our feathered friends such as cardinals, blue birds, doves, and the like are popping up everywhere in design.  Silhouette motifs appear on everything from dishware to leggings and our fascination with these precious creatures seems to be in full swing.  Currently, the owl has swooped into first place in the recent bird trend.  These quirky square-bodied, lovable birds are the latest hoot ‘n holler!  Their whimsical wide-eyed expressions are found nearly everywhere.  Why do we admire these wise old birds…who can say?   It may be as simple as, “They’re just too cute to resist.”
Today's designs include an owl image for nearly everyone’s taste.  Whether you’re into traditional, contemporary or eclectic furnishings, you are sure to find an owl item to include and complement your decorating style.  Let’s glance at the owl in action.  C’mon, we dare you not to like them!
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Pretty cute, huh!?

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