You don’t have to live in the Southwest to pull off this style!  Southwest has been extremely popular in Arizona and New Mexico but has recently spread clear across the country.  Slipping in a bit of the Southwest is a key way to achieve an eclectic space.  Some might say your home just isn’t “hip” without a touch of Southwest.


Now the question is, what exactly is the Southwest design style?  Generally speaking, it is comfortable and warm with bursts of vibrant colors. Think rich & warm earthy browns, vibrant deep yellows, engaging terra cotta reds/yellows/oranges, and quintessential turquoises.  The tantalizing combinations of colors mixed with rustic materials make the Southwest style truly stand out.  With the influences of Native Americans and Spaniards we see stucco walls, rugged wooden architectural details, terra cotta floors, clay pots, and iron accents wherever possible.


Here are a few examples:




















Through bursts of teal. *Source:




Eclectic savvy shoppers have been mixing and matching different design esthetics as long as hand–me-downs have been passed from big sister to little sister.  Gone are the days of saying “I only buy oak”, “I want brushed nickel instead of bronze” or “I prefer black instead of brown.”  People thought their room felt put together when they used the same elements throughout but it often translated into “matchy-matchy” and cold.  Today we want our homes to feel interesting, inspired, unique, stylish, and cohesive.  Cohesive is very different from matchy-matchy.  It’s pairing similar items while using different textures, finishes, colors, and design styles.  The room will still remain unified through a few connecting factors but will prove to be far more interesting and warm.



Here are some examples of mixing in a little Southwest flair in your designs:

Through artwork and area rug. *Source:




In warm toned stucco walls and wood details. *Source:




Through a bold Southwest pattern on the wall for a high impact graphic touch. *Source:




Through Soumak rug/serape shawl inspired striped bedding. *Source:




Through colorful accessories such as sofa pillows. *Source:




If you’re looking to update your space and give it an eclectic touch, I strongly suggest introducing a touch of the Southwest into your design.  Here are a few drool-worthy items that are on my radar I’d like to share with you.  Any one of them would infuse your room with the rugged warmth the Southwest has to offer!
















































  1. I’ve been thinking about changing my decor to a Southwestern theme.
    This blog pushed me over the edge and I’m jumping into this style.

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