Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions (for the home!)



It’s a new year.  Many of us are anticipating great things as we leave the past behind and revel in what the upcoming year will bring.


I believe enthusiasm is the spice of life.  However it’s quite comical when people think a new year can change merely everything wrong in their lives.  As if pounds will be easier to lose and lenders will automatically relinquish desire to obtain funds from borrowers.  If only it DID work that way, right?!  Most of us know it’s going to take work – that’s where resolutions come in.  We splurge on nearly every delight during the holidays and foresee putting our noses to the grindstone come January 1st.


Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are:


1-    Lose weight / Fit into one’s “skinny” jeans

2-    Spend more time with family (including the ‘interesting’ in-laws)

3-    Get out of debt or at the very least stop buying $5.00 lattes daily

4-    Quit smoking / drinking


There’s nothing wrong with any of these typical resolutions but as an interior designer, I like to consider New Year’s resolutions for our homes.  After all, it’s an area near and dear to my heart.  We owe it to ourselves to make our homes a place to recharge and unwind as well as proudly entertain company.  Here are my top 5 resolutions for 2013:


1. Clutter

Let’s commit to clearing out clutter.  I know I’m not the only one collecting far more than I need.  It’s surprising how clutter accumulates practically out of thin air!  We rarely want the items stuffed in our junk drawers, under beds, or in the back of our closets.  Why not resolve to go through just one messy space for 15 minutes each day?  In doing so, your home could actually be clutter free.  And who knows, you may rediscover coins, trinkets, and treasures you forgot you even had!


2.  Furniture Assessment

You know those hand-me-down sofas you’ve held on to from Grandma’s house or those thrift store dining room chairs you meant to recover one day?  Why don’t you reveal their potential by getting them updated or reupholstered?  It’s remarkable how something can be transformed with a coat of paint and updated fabric.  In today’s age, there are no definitive rules.  You may pair diverse styles together; for example, a bold graphic print on your antique chairs – no problem!  In 2013, the sky is the limit!  And once that task is complete, you’ll thank yourself for not putting it off any longer.


3.  House Projects

If stepping over the precarious can of paint and brushes that are perched in the hallway feels normal, you know it’s time to giddy up on that project.  I’m talking about those jobs that have been put off so long that you’ve completely forgotten to make time for them.  We’ve all been there.   The usual suspects:  Paint yet to be done/touched up, pictures yet to be hung, furniture yet to be assembled, hardware yet to be swapped out, a pile of kids toys yet to be donated….and the list goes on.  Make time for your projects this year – it’ll feel so good to check them off your forgotten list!


4.  Flooring

A fabulous space starts from the ground up!  Do you have area rugs that have seen better days?  They’re probably old and possibly filthy.  Why not do a quick fix and see if you can either clean them yourself or get them professionally cleaned?  Your entire space will feel fresh and renewed once this is done.  Of course, there may be area rugs past the point of cleaning and you’ll need to replace them (To me, it’s a win-win …you’re either shopping for a new rug or you’ve gotten yours cleaned to look like new!).  RugStudio is my favorite source for area rugs if you need to go that route.  The same goes for tile.  Dirty grout tile lines that show the traffic patterns of a home are an eye sore and make your entire room look dirty even when it’s not.  Use some elbow grease or kick your feet up and hire a professional – either way, you’ll be all smiles when it’s sparkling again.


5.  Style Assessment

Walk outside your home and come through the front door with new eyes.  Would you be satisfied with your space?  Are there rooms that are unsightly for friends and guests?  Would you be startled to learn that you’ve been living with your outdated tastes from ten, twenty, (or more) years ago?  Often we go through life forgetting to evaluate our surroundings.  So, take a moment, take in what you see, and make a plan of action to make it better.  It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul… who has the budget for that?!  Start with simple measures (i.e. transform the plaid 70’s sofa with a crisp white slipcover or put a contemporary flair on your old table lamps with a simple spray of lacquer paint.) and 2013 will feel great!


HAPPY NEW YEAR’S to you and to all a happy (and beautiful) home!




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