Wall Colors – Designer Favorites

Paint colors.

The thought of these two seemingly innocent words have the capability to send shivers down our spines.  Who hasn’t stared blankly at their walls asking, “What color would make this room perfect?”  Perhaps we’ll spend countless hours in the paint department narrowing down our search to a dozen possibilities only to end up with color samples scattered throughout our rooms that look nothing like we had expected.  Unfortunately, many times we don’t even get that far.  We often just give up.  We leave the color the way it is, as hideous as it may be, simply to avoid further inevitable trauma to our minds and spaces.

Fortunately, Better Homes & Gardens polled top designers from around the U.S.  They were asked to choose their very favorite paint color for walls.  (The designers were only allowed ONE color.  That’s like telling a chef they have to choose between chicken and waffles – so difficult!)   Anyways, we liked the colors so much we took it one step further adding our area rug choice as well as a few furnishings for each color.

If you’re in a paint rut or currently have that blank stare while pondering your wall colors, you may want to consider one of these beauties:



 Classic Gray 1548 {Benjamin Moore}

Gray is becoming the most popular wall color category because it looks good with almost any color.  Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray is a modern neutral that creates a serene background for all of ones furnishings.  We’re showing it with a mix of warm and cool tones and think it looks great!


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Blue Arrow 5001-3C {Valspar}

This is an admired wall color because it goes with nearly all wood tones and it giving the space enough drama while remaining a relaxed environment.  It’s perfect for those desiring calm, not boring.  We’ve paired it with pops of red and think it’s quite ravishing.


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Clay Beige OC-11 {Benjamin Moore}

Beige works well in practically any room.  It’s a soft backdrop for bold accents and co-exists well with nearly all flooring options. Clay Beige is a warm off-white hue reminiscent of stately stone sculptures.  It’s perfect for those who despise bright white but are cautious of color.  Although you can pair with just about everything, we chose this sophisticated pallet of deep charcoal, slate blues, and shimmery gold and think it’s utterly lovely.


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Savory Beige 3002-10C {Valspar}

Just like any great neutral, Savory Beige (also called Churchill Hotel Ecru in some areas) is a beautiful quiet tone.  It gives a sophisticated subtle tint to the walls while remaining alluringly anonymous.  We’ve paired it with a rich chocolate rug oozing with warmth and casual extravagance.


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Gervase Yellow 72 {Farrow & Ball}

Yellow is a popular wall color because its nearly as neutral as, well, neutrals themselves!  They provoke a cheerful ambiance and can be as sophisticated or casual as their paired décor.  Gervase Yellow is a muted hue that brightens rooms while remaining versatile to coexist with an assortment of color accents.  We’ve paired it with a stylish whimsical rug, sophisticated settee, and contemporary accents.


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Designer Liz Tip:

When you’re painting your walls (perhaps using one of the fabulous selections above) you don’t want to forget about the ceilings.  Many believe that white is the only option for ceilings.  Au contraire!  I prefer to have a cohesive flow of color upwards.  My general rule of thumb is to use a diluted (50%) version of the wall color.  If one’s wall color is already a muted tone (like the gray and beige neutrals above), then I suggest using the same color for the ceiling.  In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

Happy painting to everyone, and to all a great space!

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